Hope for the body

Day began with lighthouse flashes: warmth is coming. Hope whispered through young bodies, semi-conscious.

Strung out on cold coffee and saturated with imagined danger, we lay guts-down in a shallow trench on an ancient, untrodden hillock.


Failed to Fragile to Non-existent: The endangerment of Australian foreign policy

A popular account of modernity is that we in the West have replaced our culture with economy. This view is a scathing indictment of privatisation for privatisation’s sake, installation of ‘price signals’ in medical care, fatalism regarding environmental destruction, and defunding the arts to claw back immaterial tax savings. According to this view, we are in the process of selling our cultural assets in pursuit of material wealth. Thankfully, this charge is hyperbolic.

Bedevilled (Idle hands and the endless economy)

I am a circulating particle in the Australian east coast ‘knowledge economy’. The Wizard of Id armed with arcane knowledge of Microsoft suite. I have no name. I am the annoying man with a clipboard in fading suit pants interrupting your online poker game. Tell me why you have painstakingly organised everything just so. Then I…

Culture versus utopia: effectively answering ISIL propaganda

The way that Curtis Cheng was murdered outside Parramatta police station, Sydney, Australia, is shocking. In the wake of this tragedy, Islamic community leaders and the Australian Federal Government presented a united front in condemning violent extremism. Unfortunately, they were preaching to the choir. United advocacy in the wake of terrorist actions is important, but…

Dreamscape for infinite human worlds

Professor Arturo Escobar has a dream to share with us. But, in the same way that freedom and oppression are symbiotic, you can’t fully appreciate dreams without first understanding nightmares. So Escobar’s works stand as an intellectual signpost in a branched road, one arm denoting the nightmare of society’s power over the individual, the other pointing towards the ubiquitous technology that could free us.

Forced borders: the fallacy of scientific government

  The western worldview is underpinned by post-Enlightenment, scientific thought. Accordingly, western nations tend to be governed by technocratic public servants that reduce the art of government to the science of policy outcomes. This pattern is understandable. It is a very human activity, in that it attempts to sever human messiness from that most innately…